About the film


Release Date: Dec 23, 2016

Produced By    :   Home Town Productions | Lexicon motion pictures pvt.ltd
Directed By    :   Apurva Kasaravalli
Written By    :   Based on a story by Vikram Hathwar
Screenplay By    :   Apurva Kasaravalli
            Tejesh Kiran
Genre    :   Drama, Romance


NIRUTTARA (UNANSWERED) is an episodic catalogue of the lives of Pradeep, Hamsa, Achinth and Shravya told in a non-linear narrative. It is a drama revolving around these 4 characters, their jaded relationships and a journey across India as they delve into exotic locales, music and to try and understand and re-evaluate life and its paradoxes. The Film traverses through narratives of Achinth, Pradeep and Hamsa as they are caught in a destructive cycle of start-stop and interconnected relationships.

What transpires next is a dizzying roller coaster of emotions as the characters attempt to understand the meaning of love, the values of relationships and find solace in their decisions and its repercussions.

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